The Complete Business Management Solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects the different areas of your business into one integrated system. With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement. And as your business evolves, Dynamics NAV provides a reliable platform for growth.

Unlike many other products in its range, Microsoft Dynamics NAV utilizes code developed within its own Microsoft Dynamics development environment – no third-party applications, glue-ons, or add-ons are required. Of course, if you do want to integrate legacy or specialty applications, NAV’s built-in connectivity and development tools make this activity easy and cost-effective. Finally, full auditability and access to enhancement code makes Dynamics NAV both SOX and IAS compliant.

Over 110,000 customers, with more than 1,500,000 users world-wide


Used in more than 40 countries, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the best-selling mid-market solution in the world. When you take a look at the advantages provided by NAV, it is easy to see why:

  • Flexibility  Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s built-in development environment and integration with other Microsoft technologies (including Excel, Word, Outlook, and CRM) provide the ability to quickly incorporate key business processes into the application, making it fast and easy to do business your way. It also allows you to leverage all available technologies to maximum business advantage at a reasonable cost to your organization.
  • Stability  Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an extremely stable, low-maintenance application. We have sites that have run 24/7 for years without any downtime. The code is so error-free that users have virtually no problems with the application.
  • Scalability  Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients range from startups to multibillion dollar companies, entering a handful transactions at a single site each day to tens of thousands of activities across multiple international locations.
  • Access to data  Microsoft Dynamics NAV was built around a relational data model, rather than an older flat-file architecture. As a result, you can “NAVigate” from one data record to any related record throughout the system.
  • Data integrity  Microsoft Dynamics NAV utilizes a transaction commit function that prevents the unbalanced posting issues that plagues many similar applications, offers a complete audit trail, and prevents the implementation of “back door” functions to change posted information. Simply put, Dynamics NAV users don’t have SEC, FDA, and IAS audit issues.
  • Long life cycle  Thanks to all of the traits noted above, as well as Microsoft’s commitment to continuous improvement, clients are able to use their Dynamics NAV solution for many years, rather than needing to start over with a new solution in just 3–5 years, as is the case with other products.
  • Global functionality  Whether you do business down the street or across the world, Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s built-in ability to address multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company, and the regulatory requirements of global commerce allows you to take advantage of all your opportunities.

Comprehensive Functionality

A highly flexible, sustainable, and cost-friendly software platform is only valuable if it can meet the needs of its users. Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains functionality for each and every area of a company’s business, and, as a fully integrated ERP solution, presents these disparate areas together as part of a single, cohesive offering.

Dynamics NAV’s feature set is extensive, and covers the following:

Financial Management

Full General Ledger Functionality
Cash Management
Fixed Assets


Bills of Material
Production Orders
Supply Planning

Supply Chain Management

Sales and Receivables
Requisition Management
Item Tracking
Warehouse Management

Business Intelligence

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
Excel Integration
SQL Reporting
Power BI
Tablet and Smartphone Interface

Sales and Marketing

Sales Contacts
Campaign Management
Opportunity Tracking
Document Management
Outlook Client Integration

Human Resource Management

Employee Definition
Hiring Activities
Candidate Management
Absence Tracking

Project Management

Resource Allocation
Capacity Management

Service Management

Full Planning Capabilities
Service Contract Management
Service Orders
Service Pricing

Simple, Smart, Innovative

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has everything you need from a modern business management software solution. Simple, smart, and innovative, it fits the way you like to do business. Using Microsoft Dynamics will help you:

  • Increase productivity, leading to healthy margins and a strong bottom line.
  • Easily produce tables, reports, and other visual tools, giving you rapid insight into your business and simplifying decision-making activities.
  • Make your processes transparent and efficient, resulting in high customer satisfaction and easy-to-measure KPIs.
  • Grow your business, giving you the ability to quickly adapt to changes in your organization and business environment while maintaining a low cost of ownership.