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BCtrade enables efficient tracking of multilevel promotions and rebates. In addition, you can track your broker commissions, royalties and bill-back claims with ease. [/highlight_1standard]



Country/Region: North America
Industry: Any

bcTrade for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables fully integrated calculation of commission, broker payables, royalties and bill-backs. In addition sales promotion tactics and rebates can be efficiently planned, implemented and analyzed.


  • Plan, implement and analyze trade promos
  • Calculation of commission, royalty and bill-back claims
  • Tracking and analysis of paid claims
  • Flexible claim and promo models and structures


Trade Claims

The Beck Consulting Trade Management bcTrade module enables the periodic calculation of user definable claims, such as broker commissions, royalties and post-performance bill-backs in addition to producing the necessary claim statements and the resulting payments to the defined claim recipients (e.g. salesperson, broker or customer). Trade ledger entries are maintained in the system to facilitate review and prevent double payment of claims.

Claims can be calculated based on shipment, invoice or payment of the related transaction. The claim rate can be calculated based on sales and purchase amounts, profits, units sold, etc. Additionally, the rate setup provides the flexibility needed to handle complex rate tiers and structures.

A batch job is executed to generate all claim statements for a specific period. The claim statements that are generated can then be reviewed and manually adjusted if necessary. Upon posting, the system will print the necessary documentation as well as automatically generate the accompanying A/P or refund.


Trade Promotions

Trade promotions are probably the largest part of the total marketing expenditure for companies such as consumer package goods manufacturers. Promotions also have a considerable effect on all other marketing activities, which, in turn, influence them. A fully integrated trade management solution is therefore critical for any organization that utilizes off-invoice promotions and rebates as a tool to attract more customers and increase sales.

With the trade promotion management capabilities that are in bcTrade, tactical marketing can be planned, implemented, validated and the resulting sales can be analyzed in order to determine the effectiveness of a promotion.

Trade plans are defined with accompanying trade rates where the specific promotion or rebate for an item, or a group of items is specified in addition to the customers or customer groups that are qualified for the promotion.



  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.00 or later