bcMobile significantly extends the value of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV warehouse management system (WMS) by providing shop and warehouse floor workers with direct access to real time inventory and production data from anywhere.


Country/Region: North America
Industry: Any

bcMobile for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides mobility to workers in the warehouse and on the shop floor, enabling them to execute NAV inventory and inventory-related transactions in real time, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s powerful real-time inventory functionality.


  • Improving efficiency and reducing errors in the warehouse and shop floor
  • Increased accuracy and speed of order fulfillment
  • Increases overall resource utilization
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Reduces worker “travel time”

Warehouse and shop floor operations are critical for inventory-based organizations. Products and materials move in, through and out of these areas all day long, providing numerous opportunities for errors and delays.

Accurate and efficient inventory processes affect business metrics such as number of orders shipped, order accuracy, inventory availability, customer satisfaction levels, product quality and product traceability. With the increasing complexity and competitiveness of the business environment, optimizing business processes to maintain margins as well as improve and protect profitability are keys to your business success.



bcMobile enables a new level of automation of warehouse and shop floor processes by replacing paper-based manual systems with mobile devices. Manual reconciliation of receipts against such documents as purchase orders, pick tickets, and travelers are replaced by easy-to-use mobile devices designed for the warehouse and shop floor.

  • Workers no longer need to go to a workstation or printer to pick up orders
  • Picking is no longer restricted to a linear process, enabling employees to fulfill more orders per day
  • Workers can receive directions for the most optimal route for put-away and picking tasks
  • Capture inventory and inventory-related transactions where and when they occur, increasing inventory accuracy

Additionally, bcMobile offers full support for manufacturing and production, which extends these benefits to the shop floor.

Resource Utilization

With bcMobile, asset utilization is maximized through more efficient use of warehouse equipment. Forklift and pallet jack operators minimize travel time, thus increasing the number of tasks that can be performed in a day by each resource.


Inventory Management

bcMobile real-time inventory visibility enables:

  • Reduction in inventory carrying costs
  • Reduction in out-of-stocks
  • Rapid replenishment of production lines and forward pick locations, reducing costly delays in order processing and production line shut downs


Solution Overview

bcMobile is fully integrated with the standard Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV warehouse, inventory, and manufacturing functionality. The following functions are currently available:

  • Item Information
  • Count (Physical and Cycle)
  • Receive
  • Put-Away
  • Pick
  • Ship
  • Move
  • Production

It is built on the .NET Compact Framework with a fully graphical user interface and exposes the full capability of today’s mobile devices.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is accomplished by consuming Web Services that are easy to customize.

There is no need for any third-party transaction staging servers since the integration with NAV is real-time utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies for mobility.



After having bcMobile in operation for only a few months, you can’t imagine how you were able to operate without it in the past. bcMobile provides your workers with real-time visibility to inventory and orders, decreasing invoicing time and inventory costs. It will extend mobility to workers in both manufacturing and warehouse operations and allow you to easily scale your business.


bcMobile is cost efficient in both the long and short term by being easy to deploy and maintain, ensuring an immediate return on investment.



  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.00 (executables) or later
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or later devices for data collection