Fully Integrated, NO additional software, Easy!

bcEDI enables seamless data interchange between Microsoft Dynamics NAV, external trading partners and other entities and applications, such as e-Commerce sites, third party logistics and intra company.




Country/Region: North America
Industry: Any
Website: bcEDI.com

The functionality of bcEDI and other software solutions by means of direct file exchange or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) without dependency on any translation or intermediate communication software. This standalone, flexible solution enables integration with external parties in an automated and cost efficient manner.


  • XML and Flat File data interchange
  • Data transformation using Style Sheets (XSLT)
  • Data validation using Schema Definitions (XSD)
  • Data translation for any NAV data table
  • Direct file transportation and FTP
  • E-mail Notification
  • Extendable to any area of NAV


bcEDI for Dynamics NAV – the way it should be. Fully integrated, XML based, and easy to deploy and maintain!


bcEDI enables data interchange between NAV and external parties by means of direct file exchange or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). bcEDI is flexible and allows Sales Order, Transfer Order, Sales Shipment, Sales Invoice, Transfer Shipment, Warehouse Shipment, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Warehouse Receipt and Item Catalog document data exchanges out of the box. By allowing data translation for any NAV data table and by utilizing NAV XML data-ports as the source for document interchange, the solution can be extended to any other area of NAV as needed.

bcEDI is built on nearly two decades of experience in the EDI solution space. It has been built specifically to make the EDI process In Microsoft Dynamics NAV easy to manage and cost efficient to deploy.

bcEDI is built by utilizing the latest technology for data transformation and interchange (XML, XSLT and XSD). By using the latest standards, the solution can be flexed as needed to enable integration with web applications (portals, e-Commerce sites), customers, third party logistics (3PLs) and virtually any other external business partner or application.

bcEDI is fully integrated with NAV and it is independent of third party software, meaning that there is no need for or dependency on any third party mapping, communication or processing software. All the required tools for transmitting, receiving and transforming EDI messages in XML, flat file or any other XSLT transformed format are available out of the box inside of NAV.


Situation: Complex EDI requirements, manual processes and data errors

You do business with several customers that require you to be EDI compliant. You are currently using a stand-alone non-integrated or semi-integrated legacy EDI application. If NAV integration is present, you are required to both read and translate X12 data and the related specifications or you have a custom solution for converting EDI legacy files from your EDI application to a format that NAV can interpret. EDI solutions can be unstable, complex and time consuming to maintain.

You have one or more 3PLs that you currently fax pick tickets to and receive shipment confirmation documents from. These documents are manually keyed into NAV or semi-integrated with NAV using your EDI applications legacy interface.

In addition, you have a hosted e-Commerce solution that you currently print web orders from and then manually re-key these orders as NAV sales order.

Setting up new customers as EDI trading partners and re-keying web orders is a very time consuming, expensive and a lengthy process.

A significant amount of time is spent on re-keying data and verifying data accuracy in NAV to handle the increasing volume of e-Commerce web orders and to manage your EDI application in order for you to be EDI compliant with your trading partners.


Solution: NAV EDI Integration

bcEDI enables integration between NAV and your EDI VAN*, i.e. SPS Commerce’s multitenant hosted EDI service, www.spscommerce.com. By utilizing the bcEDI integration you can manage a single XML mapping per document type instead of maintaining document mappings for each type and trading partner combination in X12 or some other legacy flat file format. This will significantly decrease your maintenance of the EDI process and also enables bringing new trading partners online much faster than before.

The bcEDI solution includes pre-built XML Ports for several inbound and outbound SPS document types, which enables rapid and reliable deployment of the integrated solution.

In addition, new document types that maps to your e-Commerce solution providers XML or flat file data structures can quickly be developed to fully automate the integration between NAV and your e-Commerce site.

By utilizing the bcEDI integration you are able to eliminate your legacy EDI application and move to a fully integrated solution with all maintenance and configuration for integrated documents completely built and managed within NAV.



Microsoft Dynamics bcEDI enables your company to do EDI the easy way!

bcEDI solution utilizes the latest technology and the latest document standards for exchanging data with external business partners and applications in a unified, consistent manner. This enables you to spend less time maintaining your EDI relationships and being EDI compliant which in turn allows you to expand your business and bring new EDI trading partners online with ease and confidence!

bcEDI is cost efficient in both the long and short term by being rapid to deploy and easy to maintain which will ensure an immediate return on investment.



  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00 SP1 or later
* EDI is defined as electronic data interchange between two or more parties by means of a pre-defined data format previously agreed upon. Examples of data formats are XML, flat file, X12, and EDIFACT.