We provide a wide range of software and services that deliver tangible benefits to our clients. Our core food ERP system can be enhanced with additional solutions, resulting in a complete, long-lasting application that will fit your company’s business model.

bcFood/bcERP  Our flagship product, bcERP is powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is built on a Microsoft technology stack. Its food-centric variant, bcFood, is designed specifically for food processors, manufacturers, and distributors. In addition to the application’s enhancements to Dynamics NAV’s standard Financial, Inventory, Production, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Lot Traceability, Recipe Management, and Allergen Maintenance features, bcERP includes a number of full-scale modules containing functionality that cannot be found in the base product:

  • bcTrade/Trade Management  bcTrade enables efficient tracking of multi-level promotions, rebates, broker commissions and payables, royalties, and bill-backs. bcTrade also makes it simple for organizations to efficiently plan, implement, and analyze the overall effectiveness of sales campaigns and promotions.
  • bcGlobalTrade  bcGlobalTrade makes it possible to record and track containers (and the related bookings) in which your company’s products are shipped. bcGlobalTrade’s deep functionality includes tools to maintain schedules and necessary operational tasks, with visibility to completion dates, status of containers and their contents, and all information related to costs, timing, and allocations. Critical documents such as port schedules, customs/FDA documentation, FSMA-required documents, and broker information can all be managed and tracked from within NAV.
  • bcNotifications & Workflow  bcNotifications & Workflow allows companies to set up notifications such as pop-up messages, confirmation dialogs, and emails, then link these notifications to any record in NAV. Notifications can be configured to automatically trigger when certain criteria are met, taking the guesswork out of when critical information should be communicated.
  • bcData Warehouse & Business Intelligence  Maintained from directly within your existing NAV database, bcDataWarehouse allows you to generate powerful BI reports and dashboards using a comprehensive set of data warehouse structures. Users can quickly and easily choose from pre-existing sales, purchasing, and production metrics to create reports, without having to build table relationships themselves. bcDataWarehouse supports any tool that points to a SQL database, such as PowerPivot, MS Query, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and Jet Reports.
  • bcProductivity/Document Management  bcProductivity makes it possible to link any type of file to any NAV record. This gives your users quick access to a particular record’s related documents and files. Using bcProductivity, companies can also create their own templates using the included Office XML Style Sheets integration.

bcEDI  Accelerate your customer and supplier interactions with seamless data interchange between Dynamics NAV, external trading partners, and value added networks.

bcPacknShip  Incorporate basic and advanced packaging capabilities within NAV, as well as full carrier integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

bcMobile  Unlock the full power of your ERP system’s inventory functionality with mobile capabilities that allow your warehouse personnel to move, put away, pick, and pack items in real time.