Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Our First Choice in ERP Since 1997

For over a decade, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) has been our go-to solution for the majority of our clients. Independent surveys and assessments judge NAV’s features and functions as extremely strong, which translates into high utilization by clients. Our clients will also tell you about advantages not covered in these reports:
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  • Flexibility – NAV’s built-in development environment and integration with other Microsoft technologies provides the ability to quickly integrate key business processes into the application, making it fast and easy to do business your way. It also allows you to leverage all of the technologies available to maximum business advantage – easily and at reasonable cost.
  • Stability – NAV is an extremely stable, low maintenance application. We have sites that have run 24/7 for years without any downtime. The code is so error-free that users have virtually no problems with the application.
  • Scalability – NAV clients range from startups to multi-billion dollar companies; a few transactions a day to tens of thousands; single site to multiple international.
  • Access to data – NAV was built around a relational data model – not converted from an old flat-file architecture. As a result, you can NAVigate from one data record to any related data records continuously throughout the system.
  • Data integrity – NAV utilizes a transaction commit function that prevents unbalanced postings, common in most applications, a complete audit trail, and no “back door” functions to change posted information. Clients in SEC, FDA, and IAS environments don’t have NAV audit issues.
  • Long life cycle – because of the traits noted above and Microsoft’s commitment to continuous improvement, clients have found that this is an application that they use for many years and not have to start over in 3 – 5 years like many other products.
  • Global Functionality – Whether you do business down the street or across the world, NAV’s built-in ability to address multi-currency, multi-language and the regulatory requirements of global commerce allows you to take advantage of all your business opportunities.

NAV is complimented by a number of additional products that are fully integrated and available to meet special requirements or industry-specific needs.

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