Training to “Know,” not “Show”

When it comes to training, our goal is to make your organization self-sufficient in regards to your ERP system. Experience shows us that when our clients take ownership of their software, they are able to more fully utilize its capabilities and minimize ongoing maintenance and support costs. Our training offerings are designed to make sure that you know how your system works, not simply show you how to complete tasks.

To serve the varied needs of our clients, we have developed three types of curriculum:

  • Key User Training provides a high-level understanding of the software, including features and functionality, administration tasks, and maintenance responsibilities. The goal of this training is to make sure that your key users know how the system functions and how to manage it.
  • General Functional Training is designed to teach your everyday users how to use the system, perform daily and periodic processes, and run reports. This curriculum uses a generic database.
  • Specific Functional Training is similar in terms of goals and scope as General Functional Training, but the course content is modified to fit any enhancements or customizations that are deployed in your organization. This curriculum uses a copy of your live database.

All of these training options can be provided at your site, our training facility, or through Citrix GoToMeeting. Both General and Specific Functional Training utilize hands-on experience with a computer (Key User Training is more conceptual in nature and does not always necessitate direct processing with the application). Documentation specific to the course material is typically provided as part of the training.

Depending the size of your organization, the number of people to be trained, and other factors, you may wish to either have all users trained by us or utilize a “train the trainer” approach. The latter is the most common and cost effective approach for organizations with more than a handful of people to train.

We also provide “refresher” or new employee training on an as-needed basis.

Training classes are generally scheduled on demand. If you would like to arrange for training or be updated on available training dates, please contact us.