Sometimes Things Go Wrong…

“Rescue” is the term we use for an organization who is currently not a client of Beck Consulting, but is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and needs assistance from someone other than their current NAV reseller. There are many reasons for why a company can find itself in this situation, including their reseller going out of business, a lost or deteriorating relationship with the reseller, or an amicable parting of ways due to other business considerations.

If the relationship with your current reseller is ending or has already ended, you may find yourself in the position of needing help with your existing installation. We are happy to perform any or all of our offered services on your behalf. When you engage with us, our immediate focus will be to meet any pressing needs that are outstanding and require immediate resolution. Once these concerns are resolved, we will take a step back and perform a thorough evaluation of your installation setup to determine if there are underlying implementation or configuration issues that may be affecting your ability to productively use your software.

If you need assistance or have concerns about your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, please contact us today.