We Keep Your Implementation on Track and in Control

Project management is an essential component of any successful software implementation. An implementation without dedicated project management will be an implementation that is not completed on time, exceeds your budget, and fails to meet your expectations.

At Beck Consulting, we employ a project management methodology that has been refined through managing hundreds of implementations for organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity. This methodology is designed to promote open and ongoing communication with all members of the project team, provide a responsive mechanism for the unplanned issues that occur during an implementation, and minimize your organizational stress.

We approach project management according to a standard model based on best practices, which can be easily refined to account for the tasks, measurements, and timing issues that are unique to your organization. Our project managers work closely with the rest of the implementation team to plan, coordinate, and report on tasks, schedules, and milestones. While some level of variation will exist for a given client, our project managers maintain a high level of consistency in their roles and responsibilities from engagement to engagement, including:

  • Working with the client to mutually…
    • Decide on key project milestones or progress measurement points.
    • Determine the necessary tasks that must be completed in order to achieve defined milestones, the scheduling/timing of these tasks, and who will be responsible for seeing that they are completed.
    • Identify project risks and potential bottlenecks.
    • Design an implementation workplan and reporting schedule to track task progress, monitor this workplan, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Periodic reporting (usually weekly) of implementation progress, including task tracking and budget to actual information.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Beck Consulting resource coordination.
  • Go-live planning and monitoring.
  • Post-implementation assessment activities.

If the project is to be completed in phases (our recommended approach), the project management process will be repeated for each phase, ensuring a level of consistency and comfort for your team members throughout the duration of the implementation.