Implementations Tailored to You

Our structured approach to implementation begins with a general blueprint that is based on a combination of best practices and the experience we have gained through hundreds of successful projects. We then tailor this blueprint to meet the unique requirements of your environment, taking into account your personnel resources, schedules, priorities, and required level of knowledge transfer.

From Day One, we will stress the shared responsibility that Beck and your organization have in making your software implementation a success. We will meet with your team and make sure that everyone understands the key implementation tasks, as well as who will be doing what. It may not seem important, but skipping this definition of roles and responsibilities can potentially add time, effort, and cost further on in the project.

We also introduce you and your team to RapidStart, a data migration and implementation management tool built in and managed directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Straightforward and easy to use, RapidStart contains the functionality that will get your new NAV environment up and running in no time. Once this environment has been built, all that remains is for Beck and your organization to complete any other assigned tasks.

In a perfect world, the members of your implementation team could devote themselves 100% to the necessary learning, training, and testing that is necessary to make your project a success. In reality, though, they will have to balance their implementation responsibilities with their everyday jobs. As a result, we typically recommend that Dynamics NAV be implemented through a series of smaller phases that logically build upon each other. Breaking an implementation out into multiple phases doesn’t necessarily reduce the overall workload, but it does make it considerably more manageable.