Make Sure Your Implementation Starts Off the Right Way

A successful software implementation is:

  • On time,
  • On budget, and
  • Meets all your business requirements

The first step towards achieving these objectives is an effective solution design based upon a comprehensive understanding of your business.

If a software vendor assures you that your ERP implementation can be a success without the added time and effort of an analysis phase at the beginning of the project, be wary. When a thorough business analysis and definition does not occur as part of the sales or pre-implementation process, it is unlikely that the software solution will meet your business requirements without unexpected workarounds, add-ons, and productivity compromises, all of which will end up costing you time, money, effectiveness, and efficiency.

In the preceding paragraph, you may have noticed that we emphasized that your business analysis be thorough. At Beck Consulting, we believe a business analysis goes beyond a basic bullet point listing of your desired features and functions. We need to understand not only the ins and outs of your business processes and workflows, but also the logic behind them. We also need to have insight into any planned or desired changes to these current processes, as well as your strategies towards effecting these changes. Once we have an in-depth understanding of your business as it stands today and where you want it to be tomorrow, we are able to develop a solution that meets your requirements. This solution will clearly lay out the costs, timeframe, and resources needed to obtain your desired results; with this information, you have the power to make an informed business decision.

Once you have approved our proposed solution design, it becomes the basis for subsequent implementation, training, and development activities. All of this information is provided to you in the form of a work order. Depending on the level of complexity, a work order may incorporate supplementary materials, such as a design document, a project plan, and any software recommendations.

Within our internal systems, we link any software versioning considerations, release notes, installation requirements, application documentation, and related professional service information to your work order record. This provides you with the assurance that all development work will be performed according to your work order’s specifications and that a complete set of professional documentation has been created on your behalf. We have had clients use outside auditors to review our documentation in the past, and never once received any comments or criticism. Our internal systems are fully automated, allowing us to produce a complete documentation package for audit purposes in a matter of minutes. If you would like to review the change order system and example documentation in more detail, please contact us.