Our ERP products for Microsoft Dynamics


An all-in-one ERP solution packed
with tools for the food industry

bcFood ERP tools

A Complete Package

bcFood is an integrated ERP solution contained in a single database. The information that is entered by each user is available to the rest of your company, allowing everyone to perform tasks and make decisions from the same data.

Easy to Use

Working in your ERP system should not be a chore. bcFood doesn’t bury its information under multiple menus and interfaces. Everything you need to do your job as quickly as possible is presented front and center.

Accurate, Real-time Data

The days of waiting for data or having to make assumptions based on outdated information are over. Transactions are recorded in bcFood as they happen, ensuring that you have access to reliable, up-to-date information.

Scalable and Flexible

As your company grows or changes direction, bcFood will adapt with ease and evolve alongside you. Developing new functions is simple, making it easy for your software to respond to your needs.


bcEDI will automate all your transaction processes with suppliers and vendors

bcEDI Dynamics solution

Full Compliance

bcEDI allows your ERP solution to seamlessly communicate with your suppliers and vendors. It has full compliance with all major retailers and a proven track record with more than 200 installations.

Easy to Use

bcEDI has been developed to make the EDI process easy to manage and cost efficient to deploy. Utilizing the latest technology and document standards, it exchanges data in a unified manner.

SPS Commerce Compatible

Streamline your data transmissions with your trading partners’ requirements by integrating your bcEDI solution with SPS Commerce, featuring a number of pre-built mappings to a wide range of document types.

For NAV or Business Central

bcEDI is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. What this means to you is that no additional third-party, bolt-on software is required. All you need is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365!


bcMobile will bring all your
ERP tools to the warehouse

bcMobile ERP tools

Gain Complete Control

Trade your paper-based system for mobile devices with barcode scanning and record inventory movements, picking, and production results as they occur. Gain complete control of your inventory in real-time.

Extensive Compatibility

bcMobile is available on Android or Windows Mobile, two of the most widely-used operating systems for mobile solutions today. It has been successfully deployed on mobile units from Zebra, Honeywell, and Motorola.

Built for Dynamics

bcMobile is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. Every process mirrors an existing activity, giving your users a level of familiarity not found in other mobile products. No additional third party software is required.

Approachable and Intuitive

bcMobile presents its data through a graphical user interface that makes tasks clear and easy to carry out. In addition to barcode scanning, information can be recorded through the device’s keypad or touchscreen/stylus.


Automate your shipping and get
extensive multi-carrier integration

bcEDI Dynamics solution

Expand and Automate

Expand the warehousing capabilities of Dynamics, allowing you to pick and pack individual parcels, cartons, or pallets against a single shipment. Each package is unique, giving you the ability to track data.

Extensive Multi-Carrier Integrations

Create and track shipments with major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS by integrating your bcPacknShip solution with the top multi-carrier applications on the market today: ShipRush, EasyPost, and GoShippo.

In Touch with Technology

bcPacknShip was designed to work in harmony with the other technologies that you may be employing in your warehouse. It is fully EDI compliant from within Dynamics and compatible with electronic scale interfaces.

Built for Dynamics

bcPacknShip is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. What this means to you is that no additional third party, bolt-on software is required. All you need is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365!


bcExtensions add functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central

bcExtensions ERP tools

Maximize Your Capabilities

bcExtensions improve business processes for manufacturers, distributors, warehousing operations, and any other company that deals with physical products, as well as Business Central users looking for greater productivity.

Simplicity and Control

By streamlining standard business processes and offering greater access to data, bcExtensions make it possible to quickly acquire the information needed to make informed business decisions.

A Growing Library

The list of available bcExtensions is ever-growing. We continue to add new features that address real-world scenarios and allow companies to attain compliance, achieve efficiency, and remain current.

Available on AppSource

All of our bcExtensions are available on Microsoft AppSource, meaning they have undergone a demanding testing process. Only those solutions who pass Microsoft’s verification testing can be published.