We put your time at a premium

At Beck Consulting, we believe that time is our most valuable asset. Physical riches such as money and gold are limitless, and it’s even possible to achieve greater levels of intellectual and emotional wealth such as wisdom and prestige. But no one can create or obtain more time.

We can’t give you more time, but we can provide you with smart software solutions that allow you to spend less time working within your ERP system, leaving you free to expand and improve upon your business in more productive ways (or maybe enjoy life outside the office a bit more).

To that end, our software is designed according to the three pillars of automation, efficiency, and accuracy.

Beck Consulting Philisophy


One of the easiest and most obvious ways in which you can spend less time doing basic data entry is to automate it. Automation can come in many forms, be it the capturing of a dozen different package values through the scanning of a single barcode, the use of task schedulers to perform standard processes on a routine basis, or the creation of the day’s sales orders via EDI. In all cases, you are able to instantly create the necessary information, meaning you are immediately able to act upon it.

Beck Consulting Automation


Making processes streamlined and efficient is another clear way to reduce the time needed to complete tasks, but there are many different ways to introduce efficiency. It could be the creation of screens dedicated to particular tasks, providing you with a clutter-free view of the pertinent information you need. It might be a design philosophy devoted to reducing the number of mouse clicks or keystrokes needed to perform a job. Or maybe it’s through the use of predefined workflows and custom cues of data so that each user knows what they need to do. These are just some of the ways that we make your tasks as simple and straightforward to perform as possible.

Beck Consulting Efficiency


Incomplete or inaccurate data costs time, in more ways than one. The time that is spent fixing a discrepancy is an obvious cost, but if you get to the point where you don’t trust your data in the first place, the amount of time you spend double-checking and re-confirming the information coming from your system can become excessive. By creating solutions built directly within your ERP system (and employing standards of automation and efficiency), we ensure your data is correct the first time it is entered.

Beck Consulting Accuracy

Your implementation: achieving the goal of saving time

Our respect for your time extends beyond our software solutions; our agile methodology applies the same principles to the implementation of your ERP system. Implementing your solution will require a significant amount of time and effort, but we fully understand that you will be balancing this project alongside your day-to-day activities. Therefore, we bring efficiencies to every aspect of your software deployment:

Your requirements analysis will be lean and to-the-point, not requiring days of your time to wade through and review.

Our project plans contain all the necessary milestones and tasks, allowing everyone involved to know exactly what needs to be done, and by when.

Our data migration templates simplify and streamline the process of extracting data from your current system and importing it into your new one.

We emphasize remote training as much as possible, allowing you to schedule and attend sessions when they work best for you.

The time you spend on your implementation will be an investment, and what you put in up front will quickly pay dividends as you enjoy the automation, efficiency, and accuracy of your new, modern ERP solution.

Beck Consulting Implementation