High Tech, Low Tech, and Everything in Between!

Over the past three decades, we’ve assisted a wide variety of manufacturers with their information systems. These companies have ranged in size from single-site entities to international manufacturing giants. Full or partially outsourced situations, fabless production environments – we’ve seen it all! On top of these different settings, many of our manufacturing customers support hybrid business models that involve service (in-house and in the field), distribution, licensing, dealer management, training, and more. Here are just some of the items our clients produce:

Agricultural and industrial machinery
Doors, windows, and related products
Instrument cases
PVD evaporation equipment for semiconductor and optical coating
Animal feed
Electromechanical linear actuators and positioners
Integrated circuits
Radio communications equipment
Antimicrobials (FDA)
Electronic test instruments
Irrigation equipment
Road building paving equipment
Electronics (consumer and industrial)
Sanding products grips
Automated warehouse equipment
Embedded control systems
Lighting products
Scanning and connectivity peripherals
Automotive aftermarket parts
Ethernet workgroup products
Inflatable rafts for outfitters/expeditions
Proximity sensing products
Wireless test equipment

Medical devices (FDA)
Bar code readers and scanners
Extruded products
Medical diagnostic equipment
Bicycles and accessories
Fiber optic components and subsystems
Medical instruments
Soaps and detergents
Bins, tanks, silos, and pressure vessels
Fishing apparel
Medical insulin pumps (FDA)
Sport courts and accessories
Biological products for insect control
Flexible air ducts
Medical products (FDA)
Sporting goods and equipment
Building materials
Flexible packaging products
Medical products (non-FDA)
Storage equipment enclosures
Cable assemblies
Flexible packaging products
Semiconductor processing equipment
AV equipment

Metals recovery
Storage infrastructure
Cartons and packaging
Floor covering tools
Mineral products
Surface inspection systems
Chemical process vessels
Food industry machinery
Monitors disk drives
Surveillance products
Chemical test equipment
Ophthalmic equipment
Technology products for broadcast communications
Chromatography instrumentation analyzers
Fractional HP DC motors
Optical communications equipment
Telecommunications test and measurement equipment
Circuit board assembly
Packaging machinery
Tillage equipment
Computer peripherals
Garden products
Packaging paper/film

Touchscreen monitor kiosks
Consumer electronics
Garden supplies
Pharmaceuticals (FDA)
Contact lens (FDA)
Gift and household items
Plastic bags and containers
Utility and communications enclosures
Cork closures
Health and leisure products
Plumbing fixtures
Video analysis systems
Digital video/audio equipment
Industrial and construction fasteners
Polymer-based delivery systems for pharma
Warehouse automated picking systems
Diode pumped lasers
Industrial computers
Power conversion and test equipment
Welded aluminum boats
Disk drives
Industrial warehouse systems
Probe card and tester interfaces
Wireless data equipment
Doors and cabinets manufacturing