Diverse Challenges

When we say “food industry,” we are in fact talking about a diverse array of businesses. Growers, processors, manufacturers, packers, shippers, distributors, brokers, and retailers – each one of these segments operates within the larger category of the food industry. And it is certainly true that they all share some of the same needs when it comes to selecting a software solution. Food quality is a prominent example – whether you are growing and harvesting lettuce, manufacturing prepared entrees in a plant, or transporting cartons and pallets of food items on a fleet of trucks, the need to impose tight quality control measures is universal.

Beyond that single commonality of food, however, these are all very different types of business, and with every grouping comes a separate list of distinct challenges. The ability to perform production activities efficiently and accurately is critical to food processors and manufacturers, but of no consequence to distributors. And within each major group, there can be multiple sub-groups, each with its own focus and requirements. A dairy or meat processor’s concerns with by-products and catch weighting are probably not going to be shared by a company that produces prepared foods. And of course, each and every company will have its own unique way of doing things. There could be ten dairy processors that all produce the same finished good, but have ten different ways of going about it.

So at the end of the day, we have a situation where our clients and prospects have identical software needs in some areas, but are miles apart in others.

Another concern is that all aspects of the food industry exist in an environment that is far from static. Due to continual changes in compliance and regulations, as well as the constant re-defining of best practices, all food companies must be able to adapt their business processes if they wish to succeed.

One Solution

The challenge, then, is to present a solution that is simultaneously feature-rich in industry-specific functionality and flexible. This allows us to address the common needs that exist from company to company, while still allowing room to account for the differences.

The product of 30 years of working with food companies of all shapes and sizes, bcFood achieves that perfect balance.

Built on Dynamics NAV, the number one ERP solution in the world, bcFood is flexible, stable, and scalable. Meanwhile, our extensive industry experience has guided our development efforts, allowing us to offer features that are commonly found across all industry segments. With the functionality already in place, there is no need to develop a custom solution for a given company from the ground up, leading to shorter implementation times, less risk, and a lower cost of ownership.

Our deep industry knowledge not only results in an ERP solution developed specifically to meet the unique needs of food companies, but also guarantees that you will have experts helping you along the way. Our knowledge base and understanding of the industry’s intricacies reduces learning curves on the part of our seasoned implementers.