Our Philosophy

In all of our engagements, we utilize a methodology that strives to create a balance between best practices in project management and a flexible process that can be adapted to your needs. The ultimate result is an enterprise solution that fits your business and meets agreed-upon objectives concerning time, cost, functionality, and quality. Our methodology incorporates standardized practices, forms, checklists, documents, testing, and project management. These help us and you, the client, to assure that your implementation project will be on time, on budget, and meet your expectations.

Prior to your purchase decision, we recommend either a Functional Requirements Definition or a more extensive Enterprise Design Definition. This allows us to determine the most appropriate solution to fit your needs, as well as provide a meaningful cost estimate. The functional requirements definition is provided at no cost to you, but often requires one to three weeks of total personnel time for the evaluation and definition process. Once a purchase decision has been made, the four cornerstones of our solution, Implementation, Training, Development, and Support, are put into place.


Our implementation methodology is a multi-stage process that incorporates much more than software installation and configuration. It is designed to make sure that clients fully participate in and understand their implementation process, options, costs, and resource commitments. An implementation typically starts with an Enterprise Analysis and Design Definition, with the result being an Enterprise Design Document. During this process, key users will learn about the new software features and functionality, and by participating in this in-depth requirements analysis together, we produce a mutually-developed solution design, implementation plan, and budget. This becomes the basis for the training and development steps.


Training is a vital component of a successful software implementation. We can provide you with on-site, web-based, or classroom training, allowing you to either have the benefit and familiarity that comes with working with your own data, or to take advantage of learning in an environment away from typical office distractions. Our goal in training is to impart the knowledge necessary for you to effectively manage and maintain your system post-implementation; in other words, we want you to “own” your solution and not feel like you need us to operate your system for you on a daily basis. Following implementation, we encourage the participation of your new employees in our classes so that they can be trained and productive in a quick and cost-effective manner.


Application development allows your software to accurately reflect your business model. The unique way in which you do business, and what sets you apart from the competition, may not be accurately reflected in a “canned” software offering. If your Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation requires customization beyond the built-in user tools, our expert software engineers can tailor your enterprise solution to fit your precise needs and improve productivity.


Finally, no worthwhile software solution is complete without access to excellent technical support services. Even the most experienced computer users with the best software will run into problems once in a while. Beck Consulting provides clients with telephone, online, e-mail, and fax technical support options. Thanks to the robustness, simplicity, and overall lack of errors in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application, the majority of our technical support issues are resolved at the time they are placed.