Our Code of Professional Responsibility

The basic responsibility of every employee of Beck Consulting is to put the interests of clients ahead of his or her own and to serve them with integrity and competence.

We recognize that we are hired for our independence and objectivity, analytical skills, technical expertise, and concentrated attention to the solution of a problem.  As Certified Management Consultants and Certified Public Accountants, we agree to abide by all the professional ethics and responsibilities implied by these titles. All employees of Beck Consulting are under strict nondisclosure agreements relative to any client or prospective client information.  All such information is deemed confidential, including preliminary consultations prior to our accepting an assignment. We will not take financial gain or any other kind of advantage based on inside information.

We do not accept potentially sensitive engagements from our clients’ competitors, and will always inform our clients of any circumstances that might influence our judgment or objectivity.

Before accepting an assignment, we will confer with the client in sufficient detail to understand the problem and the scope of study needed to resolve it. We will accept only those assignments that we are qualified to perform and will provide real benefit to the client, and utilize all of the resources at our disposal to achieve the agreed-upon objectives (we cannot, however, guarantee any specific results, such as the amount of cost reduction or profit increase).

Whenever feasible, we will agree with the client in advance on such matters as scope and objectives, as well as the fee basis for an assignment.  We do not accept commissions or pay them to others for client referrals. Nor do we accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to our clients, as this would compromise our impartiality.  We have found that in some circumstances, certain products may not be available to our clients other than through our firm due to restrictions or requirements of the product manufacturers. In those situations, we will inform you that a potential conflict of interest may exist.