Beck Consulting was formed by Allen and Mary Beck on March 21, 1986 in Fresno, California to provide business consulting services to local companies. A few early client requests to suggest a suitable computing system started them down the path of software implementations. Programming and development followed, and Beck Consulting soon found its place as a provider of software and services to companies of all shapes and sizes, with a particular focus on the food industry. Today, 30 years later, the company boasts a mature line of software solutions that are developed and implemented by a highly skilled team that continues to grow. Allen and Mary’s legacy is continued by the current owners, former employees Bruno Johansson and Dirk Manders. While Allen and Mary may no longer be visible on a daily basis, there is no doubt that their influence will have an everlasting imprint on the organization’s current and future successes.

In celebration of this milestone, we sat down with Allen and Mary to talk about the last 30 years. For the better part of a day, they recounted the history of the company and the development of today’s bc line of software solutions; discussed the challenges of owning and managing an organization and the transition of ownership from their hands to the current owners; shared insight into the food and software industries; and pondered what the next 30 years could bring.

The result of this interview is a five part series that will be released throughout the course of this week:

  • Part 1 – Early history, the origins of Beck Consulting, concentrating on software.
  • Part 2 – Company growth, Y2K, introduction to Navision and its subsequent acquisition by Microsoft.
  • Part 3 – Development of the bc products, ownership transition and retirement, the food industry as a vertical.
  • Part 4 – The challenges of owning a business, Beck Consulting as a “lifestyle company.”
  • Part 5 – Technology and its impact upon business, thoughts on the future.

We hope you enjoy this look into our company’s past; the events, decisions, and (most importantly) people of the past 30 years shape the steps that Beck Consulting will take for the next 30.