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Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Simple, Smart and Innovative

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Microsoft’s best selling enterprise software product worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has more than 1.5 million users in 90,000 companies and is multi-lingual and multi-currency giving you the ability to run your business anywhere around the globe.

Easy to implement, easy to configure and simple to use, we provide you with an ERP solution that allows you to work like you want to work in one integrated system; all built within Microsoft’s technology stack. Designed to allow you functionality from a personalized role page, you have the ability to get the information that you need when you need it, no more time consuming drill downs and moving from one system to another to gather information. NAV offers the look and feel of other Microsoft programs which gives the user familiarity with NAV from the start. Integration into Microsoft programs such as Office and Outlook simplifies tasks. Plus, full audibility and access to enhancement code makes NAV SOX and IAS compliant.

Unlike other ERP solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to simplify and streamline your business processes across your entire organization to help you gain better control, increase margins and drive profitable growth.


Food & Beverage


From the Field to the Fork

For nearly 25 years we have served all aspects of the food industry.

Growers & producers, shippers, processors, packers, brokers, delivery, distributors and retailers – as well as related industries – we’ve helped them with systems designed to meet their business needs, support their unique business proposition, all with flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing requirements and technologies.

bcFood was designed for food processing, food distribution and nutraceutical companies. Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, bcFood includes full 360 degree lot traceability, unique production methods, catch weights, costing, quality assurance, packaging, pallet handling, distribution, producer payment, wireless warehouse functionality and E-commerce issues are part of our experience, as well as seamless end-to-end integration of all your business processes within a single application for a very low cost.




Manufacturer to Global Markets

We’ve been implementing manufacturing software for over three decades in all types of production environments and production models.

Our manufacturing clients are diverse – from small specialty firms to global organizations with a wide range of products and production methods – low-tech companies and high-tech – in-house, outsourced, and mixed production.

Our experience in manufacturing goes beyond making a product – product sales and distribution, warranty and service, field service, CAD and PLM integration, QC, serial/lot traceability, cost accounting and E-commerce are just a few of our skills.




Supply Chain and Logistics

Fully integrated information system to support your operations in Distribution, Wholesale, Warehouse, Supply, Ship, Pack, Kit, or Transport.

We’ve been providing solutions to the supply chain before the term “supply chain” was popular. All aspects of inventory have been at the core of our professional practice since our founding. Over the past two decades, we’ve assisted a wide variety of companies ranging from single-site to international logistics with myriad physical, information and management requirements.

We embrace innovation as a way to drive efficiency, productivity, performance and growth.




Beck Consulting Add-on Solutions

The following products are those that Beck Consulting has developed to add functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. These products have been registered by Microsoft and are widely available today.

bcNotification & Workflow – Automatically trigger electronic notifications and enforce business processes.
bcMobile – Provide Mobility to the warehouse and production floor.
bcDataWarehouse – Optimize your NAV data for reporting and analysis.
bcEDI – Enable electronic data interchange with your trading partners.
bcTrade – Manage simple and complex trade spend.
bcGlobalTrade – Enables bookings, container tracking, and document management.
bcPackNShip – Integrates NAV with real-time shipping infromation.
bcProductivity – Utilize Office StyleSheets to create and manage your documents.



  • "Our partnership with Beck Consulting resulted in a more flexible and reliable ERP foundation for our company to grow on", James, CIO, Otis McAllister
  • "Beck Consulting really stood out from the others by showing that they both understood our business and could provide us with a solution and meet our needs", Julie, Information Technology Manager, SunWest Foods, Inc.